Non-commercial NHL game hotness meter uses game statistics fetched by API periodically. Analyzes data and calculates points for the each game component. Below you can find the list of events points are given for.

Event Description
Overtime If teams got to OT
Shootout If teams reached SO
Long shootout If rounds are more than 3
Extra long shootout If rounds are more than 7
Tight fight 28+ shots made by both teams
The wall 35+ saves by any goalkeeper in regular
High tension When regular ends with score 4:4+
Last chance When OT set up in the last minute
Last chance 20 When OT set up in the 20 seconds
Last chance 5 When OT set up in the 5 seconds
Late winner Winning goal in the last 15 seconds of OT
Tight win Both teams score 3+, regular ends with 1 puck difference only
Late tight win Tight win and the winning goal is within the last minute or 20 seconds of the 3rd
Come back One team scores 3+ straight that leads to even score or advantage
Equal game Both teams tie the game 2 times
Equal game 3 Both teams tie the game at least 3 times
Missed chance 3rd period, no goalkeeper but opponent scores
Hat trick 1 player gets a hatty
Poker 1 player gets a poker
Mad scorer 1 player scores 5+
Star points Star player has 1 point in the game
Star shines Star player has 2+ goals, 2+ assists or 3+ points
Points master Not a star player gets 3+ points per game